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Tuesday November 16.  2010

The Annual Icelandic Language Day

Jónas Hallgrímsson is one of the most admired Icelandic poets.
Jónas Hallgrímsson is one of the most admired Icelandic poets.
The annual Icelandic Language Day is celebrated today, November 16 the birthday of poet Jónas Hallgrímsson. On this occasion it is fitting to mention that the University Centre of the Westfjords offers a one week Icelandic Course next January. The course is ideal for students that are coming to Iceland to study during the spring semester and for other foreigners that plan to stay in Iceland for a longer or shorter period. The University Centre also offers diverse Icelandic courses next summer. All further information is available here.

In Ísafjörður the Culture Centre Edinborg celebrates the day with a program by Steindór Andersen who will be chanting traditional Icelandic rhymes. Steindór is the most prominent practiser of this traditional Icelandic performance art and has worked with young Icelandic musicians such as Sigur Rós and the rapper Erpur Eyvindarson. The program is free and starts at 8 pm at Edinborgarhúsið in Ísafjörður. Also worth mentioning is a program that Multicultural and information Centre in Ísafjörður has organized at the University of Iceland Reykjavík on language and the public administration.

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"My experience in Ísafjörður has been unique and inspiring.  The students are diverse and dynamic, the courses are enlightening, and staff and locals are welcoming to students. I came here to get a degree, but I´m leaving with so much more than that."
Jamie Landry, USA, CMM student 2009-2010


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